Take Away

Happy hour! Choose from the menu.
Binger Laucke Siebein dishes up.

‘Happy hour! Choose from the menue.’ is to be understood literally. The exhibition of the agency Binger Laucke Siebein is designed as a ‘take-away exhibition’. The idea is the same of a fast-food restaurant: Pass by. Choose. Take away.

It shows a collage of their avant-garde works, from font, book and magazine design, poster and campaign design to extensive corporate designs. For this purpose, over 1.000 reproductions were made, which can be viewed and taken away by the visitors.

Binger Laucke Siebein – Take Away
10 – 20 April 2018
Galerie der HBKsaar


Curated by Prof. Indra Kupferschmid
and Prof. Dr. Matthias Winzen

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